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Author: Chris Halbohm, CHt

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One-Day Hypnosis Live Seminar Event:

Lose Weight • Quit Smoking • Get Your Goal
...And Get Your Life Back

As Seen On Local & National TV
"Even after my first session, I already have a better grasp on life and who I am. This was far above my expectations. I really thought I was just going to be doing a news story. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my chest that I've been carrying around for years. Thank you."
- Abbie Burke, Client, Reporter for Fox News

"I lost 57 pounds."
- Marty Sutton, Client





Real Transformation In One Powerful Evening...

This intensive training will be in seminar format and will give you many of the skill sets you will need in order to get your goals.


You Will Learn:
failure busters - discover how to end the battle of self-sabbotage
 eye-opening techniques and strategies to get your mind to work for you instead of against you
the skill of self-hypnosis and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming - powerful subconscious change skills)
how to finally get your goal and the strategies that others have used to keep it that way

Who Should Attend:
• if you are currently suffering physical or emotional pain & hassle from your weight or smoking
• For Lose Weight - if you have ever felt embarrassed or out of control, carrying around painful, ugly excess weight
• For Quit Smoking - if you are ready to end the feeling of being trapped and controlled by the need for cigarettes, the social stigma, and the dirty, disgusting habit always leaving you feeling run down & out of breath...
• if you have tried multiple times and failed in the past

You Will Also Get:
• "How To Lose Weight" / Get Your Goals Tips Training Manual
• Complimentary Refreshments Will Be Provided In The Kitchen Area

Only raw, sure-fire techniques to unlock your real & genuine successful results. We will be using techniques and skill sets proven in our clinics nationwide for decades - one right here in Columbus, Ohio! This seminar is designed to deliver a powerful and genuine starter kit for you to achieve your goals.

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$107 $97 / $77 Pre-Paid

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Quits Nasty Smoking Habit & Gets Back To God
"I don't need to go have a cigarette to take a 'time out' and escape. I don't need to look for a reason to go hide. I now can breathe fresh air. I can now go anywhere I want to go and stay as long as I want! I am in control of my life. I truly am walking on the lighted path with God."
- Linda Anderson, housewife, Client

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"Smoking made me feel weak. It even took away my motivation to exercise. I would have died young. I tried other things that never worked - the gum, cold turkey - but always went back."

"This transformed my cravings. I have a general better attitude about life. Now, I have mental focus, and it's helped me be a better dad and husband. Chris was actually a client of mine. My free screening was fun, educational, and professional."

"I stopped smoking immediately. My first visit was all it took. I recommend this to anyone who wants to stop smoking."

Norm L.- State Farm Agent

Woman Reveals...

How I Lost 58 Pounds Of Painful Fat, And Got My Life Back!

"Hi, My name is Candace Richter, I am a librarian and I live with my husband. I lost 58 pounds total with hypnotism. I went from a bulky size 16 to a size 4 and it feels great."

Read My Story...

Top: Candace after weight loss with hypnosis, Bottom: Candace before weight loss






I was unhappy. Just look at my before picture and you get some idea of the suffering. Even my biG clothes were too tight. Wow, did I feel sorry for myself. Maybe you’re there too. If you are overweight, my hope is to inspire you to get the help you need. Look at me now. It really is possible.


Hypnosis ended my struggle with weight. Had been to gym programs. I tried dieting. Even ordered videos. Nothing lasted. Now I am in a size 4 and this program is completely the reason why. My search stopped here.

I saw the ad for hypnosis and called to make the appointment for the free screening. I figured, “What have I got to lose?”. I actually was so excited to get the help that I walked up to one of the hypnotists on the street before my appointment. I asked about the program. He visited with me and told me everything would be covered at the screening.

I knew it was the right place immediately when I got there. They showed me other people like me who had succeeded on the program. It was fun and I learned a lot. They taught me that all hypnosis is really self hypnosis. Motivation is possible. I understood how this would work for me.



I saw results right away. First, I was more calm and in control of my eating choices. I stopped watching the scale and started choosing the activities that could really help me. I quit feeling sorry for myself. You could say the program simply adjusted my attitude and motivation. I always knew what to do but I needed help to consistently make the choices. This program gave me that kind of help. We have kids so our grocery bill is up there. I saved hundreds of dollars on junk food alone. It’s nice to know that you’re not wasting money eating junk that is bad for your health. Of course, the kids still raid the kitchen.


Lately, I have read articles in Newsweek© and Fitness© with information on the effectiveness of hypnosis. You may have seen supportive information on network TV. Since I have used this method, it’s amazing how many sources I see that know about the effectiveness of hypnosis. If only I had called the first time I thought about it, I would have been thin a year sooner. Why suffer when you can get the support you need? Call for your FREE hypnosis screening today! Tell them Candace sent you.


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